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Room Hire

Beautifully Designed

Unique, well thought out rooms that allows for creativity and idea building, a professional yet welcoming atmosphere that invites everyone to feel comfortable, be involved and switch on.

We have beautifully created our rooms to work the way you do by giving you freedom to write on the walls and desks, stick up pictures and documents across the walls and on shelves allowing you the freedom to move and change it all around as quickly and easily as your session evolves.

We have all items you could possibly need, smart TVs, laptops with tv connection for display, wifi and cable internet, telephones, additional whiteboards, butcher paper, magnets, markers, pens, highlighters, post-it notes, loose and pad paper, spare tables and shelving units, iPads, printing, viewing rooms, and audio visual recording. We can arrange a selection of food and snacks, provide refreshments for your session and those viewing, a large range of pre-order catering available and also offer an extensive range of menus from the much loved local Crows Nest food strip to order and deliver on the day.

We also have a full-size secure garage on site available for car clinics and automotive research, or for you and your clients to park in while you run your sessions.