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Mixed Methodologies

Mix & Match

By being a full service field company, we have the resources and capability to run mix methodology projects all in-house with ease and precision.

Mixed methods of research can offer you the best of both worlds: the in-depth, contextualised, and natural but more time-consuming insights of qualitative research coupled with the more-efficient but less rich or compelling predictive power of quantitative research. Also within both quantitative and qualitative research you can use mixed methodologies such as splitting your sample between online and telephone, or focus groups and online discussion boards.

Here at Ekas we have vast experience in using multiple methodologies throughout the one project. We use a software platform that allows us to script a survey to be deployed on telephone, online, or mobile/tablet devices both online and offline, giving us the flexibility to run a project through different methods while still using the one survey and data set. With having access to our large phone room, our various online panels, our technical team of programmers and analysts and through the use of our 100+ casuals we employ at any one time, we have the ability to run large and complex studies which have different phases and strategies required to run in conjunction with one another.

We understand that different sample segments are best represented through different methodologies and our team are able to share our experience with you to help you design your fieldwork to ensure to best outcome for you and your client.

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