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B2B Research

B2B research is an integral part of the Ekas suite of products. From our vast experience of contacting and interviewing businesses and professionals, we know how to get the best results for your project.

 We understand that respondents in B2B projects are more responsive to personal contact rather than the mass email strategy of on-line consumer research. As a result, much of B2B research still needs to be conducted via telephone, or face-to-face, and Ekas remains a leader in this field. Our expertise comes from an experienced and highly trained team of recruiters, telephone interviewers, moderators and face-to-face interviewers. As such, we can tailor a project to suit your needs, and deliver you the right respondents, in a timely manner.

For qualitative projects, our recruiters can deliver respondents on spec, on time and we can provide moderators for focus groups, and depth interviewers for one-on-one discussions, to complete the surveys in an expert manner.

For quantitative projects, we are able to conduct your study on CATI, F2F, and Online. Our CATI system can manage sample, the initial recruitment, and the telephone interviewing, to deliver a seamless project completion. Our Face to Face team, are experienced in interviewing at all levels of business and can conduct interviews in offices, or central locations, using iPads and the latest technology if required. Where the project requires an on-line response, Ekas is very well equipped to handle all facets of the on-line process for you, from recruiting the respondent to scripting your survey and analysing the data.

For sampling, we are able to build lists from publicly available information, source the most appropriate list for you from local list builders and suppliers, manage your client list, and access a variety of leading B2B panels.

Click here to see all services and capabilities related to B2B interviewing, for recruiting, CATI, On-line. We look forward to working with you on your next B2B project.