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Tracking studies

Ekas has been providing tracking studies for over 20 years, our expertise in CATI trackers is what keeps us as a market leader in this field. We have also undertaken countless F2F and On-line tracking and monitoring studies.

During that time we have worked with a variety of different sized organisations, across a number of industry sectors, both national and local, including financial and insurance companies, retailers, media organizations, health and pharmaceutical organisations, telcos, energy providers and government agencies.

In addition we have undertaken research with smaller N sizes, right through to the larger 50,000 respondent trackers, with customers, employees, or the general population.

We regularly conduct trackers either in a regular structured study, or as part of irregular multi-dip or repeat studies into a variety of markets.

We can manage all facets of the process, working with you to successfully meet your requirements, and manage interim changes in questionnaire, sampling or data analysis, any of which can be altered at various checkpoint stages throughout the study.    

Like all our interviewing work, as part of our ISO Quality Accreditation, we validate 10% of all interviews, and our interviewers are fully trained to the highest standards, and work under observation as required for ISO adherence.


Some examples of the varied nature of our Tracking Studies are;

•    N = 50,000, 5 minute interview with employees of a leading financial institution, to determine their satisfaction in working for that institution.
•    N = 10,000 interviews for a lottery organization, regarding television advertising for that organization.
•    N = 20,000 interviews for a fast food chain comparing various fast food stores.
•    Interviewing for a pay TV organization with customers and non-customers regarding television advertising.
•    Interviewing for a large department store, to ascertain customer satisfaction with the various stores.
•    N = 6,000 with hardware outlets on behalf of a large building supply company for customers satisfaction outline.  
•    N = 400, On-line periodical tracking of GP attitudes towards prescription medications and treatment methods
•    N = 500, Face-to-Face mystery shopping periodic ‘dip’ studies to gauge retailer performance over time
•    10’s of thousands of customer interviews for a variety of leading financial institutions to find out what their customers thought of the services which those companies provided.

Please talk to us about your next tracker, or on-going study, be it regular or semi-regular, unstructured or multi-dip research. We can offer you the right methodology for your research needs.