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Sensory research

We have extensive experience in recruiting large samples for sensory research, from alcoholic beverages to hot food, and confectionery to prepared meals, we have done it all.

Not only do we have the ability to recruit large numbers, we also have fantastic facilities for the research to take place and the staff to ensure the smooth running of your taste test event.

We have the capability and expertise in organising the whole research process, from recruiting respondents, scripting surveys, booking venues, conducting interviewing, incentive handling, and providing data analysis. Should you have the capability to run some processes in-house we are experienced in just providing single or varied services within the project to meet your needs.

We have successfully completed over 25,000 sensory tests across the country in just the past 5 years on a wide range of products such as; Beer, Hummus, General snack foods, Cookies, KFC, Pizza, Subway, Chewing gum, various Alcoholic beverages and many more.

Our experience and professionalism will ensure a successful outcome in all your sensory project needs.