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Car clinics

We run car clinics at our Sydney office with our extra large on-site secure garage coupled with our purpose built group room facilities.

We can comfortably accommodate 3 to 4 vehicles, with appropriate equipment and lighting to best display the features of the vehicles.

Our garage is easily accessible from our ground floor group room, allowing viewing of the vehicles to be seamlessly integrated into the focus group.

If you require, we can also recommend moderators to conduct the research, and report the findings.

The main garage door is accessible from a discreet rear lane. The door can then be locked and disabled so no other vehicles can access the garage for the duration of your research. We can securely house your cars, with pedestrian access restricted via key-only and pass-code locked pedestrian doors, leading directly from our office.

In short, we can offer the full focus group room service, combined with vehicle display and security, all at the one location, conveniently located here in our offices in Crows Nest.

Please click here to find out more about our group room facilities.