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Hard to reach patients

Through our specialised patient panel, we are able to readily target a large range of hard to reach patients.

We have a successful proven track record in recruiting respondents for research in the following areas- Diabetes, HIV, Prostate Cancer, Melanoma, Erectile Dysfunction, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, Addictions, Alzheimer’s, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Incontinence, Impotence, Psoriasis, Sex Hormone disorders and many more.

Our patient panel has been carefully built by including a wide range of sufferers and carers who are enthusiastic about contributing to research for the purposes of voicing their situation and having the opportunity to find out about new treatments/services. Our members have given us very positive feedback from their research experiences especially in terms of being able to connect and converse with like minded individuals through sessions such as group discussions and online bulletin boards, all of which produces very high response rates and quality data through any research methodology.

Our patients are not a subsection of a consumer panel, we have built a platform specifically tailored to their needs and interests. We have recruited our members over the years with help from our medical professionals on our healthcare panel and a variety of support groups ensuring we have verified members who are not 'groupies' or over stimulated, we only contact them for research related specifically to their condition.

Regardless if your target sample numbers are readily on our panel or not we have decades of experience in recruiting patients using a variety of trusted resources, patient support groups, health care professionals etc. all of which we have worked hard on building a strong relationship with.

We are up for any challenge, what might seem impossible could in fact be achievable with our knowledgeable and problem solving team. We have been able to recruit sufferers of Osteoarthritis over the age of 80 years to complete an online survey which had video embedded in it through the use of speaking to careers and children of the sufferer over the phone to help them with internet connection, receiving a link and completing the survey.

We are passionate about the recruitment process, using hands on and creative recruitment methods to recruit the difficult sample you need! All the while upholding and maintaining quality data and quality respondents.

Please contact us to receive a panel book detailing the conditions and treatments we can pre-target and to find out more about our capabilities in this unique area.