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We have been providing market research services for over 30 years, please see below just some of the studies we have completed, please read on for a larger range.

Insurance (2014). We completed 950 CATI interviews with people who had made a motor insurance claim. We had to call them within a few days of them making their claim, and so had to manage sample arriving each day.

Alcohol Taste Test (2013). We conducted over N=900 25 minute taste tests across just 2 weekends in 3 cities. We managed recruitment, product purchasing, venues, interviewers, tablets for data collection, incentives and had very strict and complex quotas to meet.

Website Evaluation (2013). This was a pharmaceutical website evaluation with GPs. It was a 2 part online survey with a diary component and homework tasks. Part 1 was done before the launch of the website. We screened respondents beforehand, paused the survey until the site was launched. Once they had completed part 1, they were asked to complete homework tasks and fill in an online diary of their experience of the website. Part 2 was done a week later. The survey included interactive and creative questions such as thought bubbles and face association.

Radiologists (2013). During the busy Christmas period our client required a sample of 40 Radiologists to complete a 10 minute survey.  During this time, many medical professionals are on leave making it an incredibly busy time for the medical profession. We worked very hard over this time by emailing, phoning and faxing and achieved the sample of 40 ahead of schedule.


More Recruitment

Telecommunications (2010-present): Each year we recruit 120 senior telecommunications decision makers all over Australia to complete this study, where they can participate through an online survey provided by our client or through face to face interviews that we conduct.


More Face to Face

Val Morgan Audits. N=800 cinema advertising audits conducted nationally. We recruited auditors to visit the cinemas in their city/town to check the advertising/trailers were as scheduled.

Snackfood. We were required to recruit 640 people from Canberra to collect the wrappers of snack foods eaten in 1 week. We then collected weekly consumption information for each respondent via telephone over a 20 week period. The analysis was quite complex as we had to give volume information for brands, varieties and sizes. It was also our responsibility to design incentives to keep the respondents on the panel.

CTP (2008 - 2011).  N=7,000 12 minute Face to Face interviews conducted nationwide (including Northern Territory) at petrol and convenience stores, all within a month each year. In the days of paper every questionnaire checked, data entered, analysis constructed and 758 validations completed within the one month time frame.


More Sample Supply

Alzheimer's (2013). We were required to obtain n=50 sufferers and carers of moderate to severe Alzheimer's disease to complete a 20min online survey, with half the sample to be living in Victoria. Recruitment was extremely challenging due to the age of the respondents and their condition. Through thorough and varied recruitment methods we were able to obtain this difficult sample within 2 weeks.

GPs (2014). Our client required a sample of 200 GPs to complete a 10 minute survey within 2 weeks. Although there were some complicated quotas towards the end of field, we successfully filled quota within 8 days. The client was and continues to be highly satisfied with our work.

High blood pressure, high cholesterol (2011). We completed 70 15min online surveys with males 50+ yrs suffering from high blood pressure and high cholesterol, with half the sample to be 81+ years old. Getting this age group to complete an online survey was challenging, however we were able to complete the fieldwork within 3 weeks.

Pharmacists (2014). We recently ran another large job where we required 200 pharmacists to complete a 20 minute survey. We successfully obtained the 200 hundred in less than a week in field.

Eating Disorders (2011). In a timeframe of just 8 days we recruited over 100 female suffers of various eating disorders to complete a 15min online survey about their diagnosed condition.

Diabetes Patient Records (2012-present).  We are currently running our 4th wave of an ongoing patient record job with 75 GPs. GPs are to complete 10 patient records on patients who are living with Diabetes which takes approximately 80mins to complete. This type of research can be incredibly tedious and samples as high as 75 can be quite difficult to obtain. Our extensive experience has allowed us to run 4 waves successfully and efficiently whilst ensuring quality data.



B2B Study (2014). We completed 350 telephone interviews from just 500 numbers speaking to CEOs of Not for Profit organizations.

Air Advertising Tracking. We survey people who have traveled recently or intend to travel by air within 6 months. This required about 2,500 calls per week. Reporting was performed weekly.

Volvo Customer Tracking. Any service or purchase instigates a self-complete survey to be mailed out. If the survey is not returned in two weeks our CATI system flags them for a call and a CATI survey is completed. This project was reported quarterly and ran for a number of years.


More Data Entry

Readers' Digest (1996-present). We have been keying and analysing questionnaires every year for Readers Digest since 1996 and still today!

The Law Society (2007-present). We have been processing members’ demographic information valuable to the Law Society, assisting them to fulfill its responsibilities to solicitors going into the future every year since 2007. A combination of both CADE and online methodologies are used, processing 8,000-10,000 surveys per year.

Medical Publications (2009-present). We’ve been tracking GP reading habits of various Australian Medical Publications since 2009. This project runs each year over a three month period.

MSL (2008-present). We’ve been tracking customer satisfaction and service levels on the topic of Salary Packaging and Novated Leasing on a monthly basis since 2008.


More Online

Mixed Health Survey (2013). We completed 360 online surveys with 26 different types of medical professionals, with a complicated screening criteria that involved different drug awareness for different respondent types to be built-in to the script. This also involved some challenging sample recruitment as there were a number of difficult segments to reach, such as advocacy group directors, psychiatric hospital procurement mangers along with a wide range of specialists and nurses treating specific conditions.

McCain Tracker (2006-2011). This was an ongoing 15 minute online survey with sample across Australia and New Zealand. Each week we had sample targets to meet across the states and countries, adverts were shown for each product segment and required to be changed when each of the campaigns started and finished. Data was reported on quarterly and this tracker ran for 6 consecutive years.