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Ekas was established in 1971 as a data entry and data processing operation.  In 1988, Ekas adopted the Surveycraft system (then known as Microtab) and employed a qualified statistician, expanding its focus to data analysis.  In this time, Ekas has generated extensive experience in all modes of data entry, data processing and analysis, including:

·               high volume data entry
·               complex analysis
·               a broad range of statistical services.

The beginning of 1993 saw a technology leap with the introduction of CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) at Ekas. From our central location in Sydney we have successfully completed many thousands of projects throughout Australia and some in Asia and New Zealand. We currently have a 66 station phone room in our Crows Nest office.

Shortly after the introduction of IQCA, we became accreditated and since then we have held continuous accreditation via the Australian Standard and the international standard.

December 1996 we began to broaden our field services with the introduction of face to face interviewing right across Australia utilising CAPI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) utilising Sawtooth and Surveycraft Software which at the time was at the fore front of technology.

Ekas expanded it's field services with our first taste in the qualitative research scene by the introduction of Recruitment. For the first time we had a data base of respondents, which was stored all on hard copy flip cards making recruitment a labour intensive process.

2009 saw the transforming of ekas's data base into online panels, resulting in the development and creation of ekas’s healthcare professional’s panel and consumer panel, along with implementing custom built software to run these panels. Ekas become one of the first Australian research companies to run recruitment services out of an online panel and take what was a paper and phone based methodology into an online space of now using online screeners and targeted email invites based on specific profile data.

Within 12 months of ISO26362 and AMSRO Gold standard in online panels being created in 2009, Ekas implemented both of these standards into Ekas resulting in Ekas becoming the third company in Australia accredited with these quality standards.

With the introduction of the tablet touch screen technology, Ekas started the year by implementing the use of iPad face to face interviewing to bring new life to the dying methodology of using pen and paper or outdated palm pilots. Again making Ekas one of the first companies in Australia to conduct market research interviewing on a mobile, app based device.

Late 2011 Ekas also worked on building a online panel specifically for patient healthcare research. Over the many years of healthcare research we have done and the strength of our healthcare professionals panel, we saw a need to separate out our patients from our consumer panel in order to design a site that is relevant to them and their condition. With focus on growing this hard to reach and valuable segment we have been able to compliment our health professionals sample to offer full spectrum healthcare research to our clients.

With the need to interview in remote areas, inside large supermarkets and at very large events where internet (even with 4G) can not be reliant, we have to interview offline. With all available software having many limitations when offline we decided to work with our developers on getting a custom built app for offline interviewing for face to face. This has complimented our existing online survey software that seamlessly adjusts layout and questions types to display on a mobile device of any size, allowing us to offer superior interviewing technology to flick between both online and offline depending on the interviewing environment, making it possible for interviewing to happen anywhere even when conditions change with no scripting limitations, or re-set ups.

About Us

Servicing the Market Research Industry since 1971, Ekas Marketing Research Services is Australia's largest and most experienced fully independent fieldwork and data analysis agency.