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Casual Employment

Ekas is always on the lookout for outgoing individuals who are looking for flexible casual employment, we actively employ over 100 casuals at Ekas and regularly need new candidates.

At Ekas we employ the following casual positions -

  • Telephone interviewer / supervisor (must attend Ekas Crows Nest Office)
  • Telephone recruiter (must attend Ekas Crows Nest Office)
  • Hostess for groups / interviews (must attend Ekas Crows Nest Office)
  • Coding (work from home)
  • Data entry (Attend Ekas Crows Nest Office)
  • Face to Face interviewer / supervisor (any location in Australia, with ability to attend central locations and travel)

We offer flexible day, evening, and weekend work to reliable employees. We interview on a wide range of commercial, social, healthcare and government projects.

If you are eligible to work for ekas, please email us your CV and we will keep it confidentially on file. Should the right opportunity arise, we will then contact you. To send us your cv please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.