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We have been providing market research services for over 30 years, please see below just some of the studies we have completed, please read on for a larger range.

Insurance (2014). We completed 950 CATI interviews with people who had made a motor insurance claim. We had to call them within a few days of them making their claim, and so had to manage sample arriving each day.

Alcohol Taste Test (2013). We conducted over N=900 25 minute taste tests across just 2 weekends in 3 cities. We managed recruitment, product purchasing, venues, interviewers, tablets for data collection, incentives and had very strict and complex quotas to meet.

Website Evaluation (2013). This was a pharmaceutical website evaluation with GPs. It was a 2 part online survey with a diary component and homework tasks. Part 1 was done before the launch of the website. We screened respondents beforehand, paused the survey until the site was launched. Once they had completed part 1, they were asked to complete homework tasks and fill in an online diary of their experience of the website. Part 2 was done a week later. The survey included interactive and creative questions such as thought bubbles and face association.

Radiologists (2013). During the busy Christmas period our client required a sample of 40 Radiologists to complete a 10 minute survey.  During this time, many medical professionals are on leave making it an incredibly busy time for the medical profession. We worked very hard over this time by emailing, phoning and faxing and achieved the sample of 40 ahead of schedule.