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Join our research panel

We have 3 separate research community panels which you are able to join:

- Our consumer panel. This panel is open to anyone in Australia or New Zealand who is 16yrs or older. Paid research can be on any topic that is relevant to your life such as opinions on services and products that you use, and opinions on new and emerging services and products. We also conduct product tests and taste tests.

- Our healthcare professional panel. This panel is open to anyone from Australia or New Zealand that is working in any part of the healthcare sector, such as GPs, specialists, nurses, hospital admin/managers/support staff, pharmacists/pharmacy assistants, dentists, alternative medicine, vets, optometrists, lab technicians/managers, etc.

- Our health and well-being panel. This panel is specifically for health research. If you are living with any form of health concern OR care for someone with a health condition, infection or disease, then this panel is for you. We are also looking for people who regularly take vitamins or supplements for any reason. Paid research ranges from common health such as wearing contact lenses / glasses and allergies right through to serious conditions such as Hepatitis and Cancer.

If you would like to join any one of our panels, please contact Teji Joseph:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 02 8415 7428