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Commitment to quality

The market research industry has come together on a global level and developed ISO 20252 and ISO 26362 to benchmark quality research. These accreditations, are given out only to those companies that can prove they have stringent processes in place to ensure the highest quality of data collection and processing practices.

Ekas has continually been in the fore-front of national, and international, industry standards. We were first accredited to IQCA in 1995 by MRQA. We were one of the first fieldwork companies in Australia to be awarded with the Australian Standard (AS4752) in 2004 and International Standard (AS ISO 20252) in 2006. In 2010 we were accredited with the international standard in access panels (ISO 26362) making our healthcare panel the only accredited panel in Australia to date.

So when comparing Ekas to others in the market please also consider the benefits below in holding both ISO 20252 and ISO 26362 and how we work hard to better ensure the quality and reliability of your research and data.


Our Director Ian Thomas has been instrumental in the introduction of Quality Standards into Australian Market Research through long involvement in the quality committee and on the steering committee for the Australian and International Standards.

View our Certificates of Appreciation presented to Ian Thomas from Standards Australia:

Standards Australia Certificate for ISO 26362

Standards Australia Certificate for ISO 20252

For clients, knowing that a company is certified to ISO 20252 and ISO 26362 verifies that the organisation is following processes that are standard in the industry. It reduces errors and provides a framework that produces consistent, reliable and transparent products and services.


Quality Policy

The need and expectation of the market research industry in the new millennium is that market research services be provided with the necessary assurance and compliance to established professional standards, specifications and agreed contractual obligations.

This expectation is to be met by companies in general for the purpose of maintaining industry integrity.

This philosophy has been recognised by Ekas and commitment has been made to fulfil such requirements.

In order to put this philosophy into practice, we shall achieve the following:
• meet all contractual and regulatory requirements;
• maintain client communication and satisfaction;
• provide a competent and qualified workforce;
• provide sufficient and appropriate resources to effectively manage projects; and
• Meet our legal and regulatory obligations both as a company and an employer.

Our Company recognises that the future for a successful and reputable organisation is clearly linked to the performance of the Company in the area of quality assurance. We ensure that all procedures, instructions and methods required for completing each individual task shall be documented, implemented, maintained and auditable.